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Weihua Biotechnology:Add color to Chinese creatures and the world. One stop service: customized synthesis, detection, test and verification

Guangzhou Weihua Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Weihua biology is an innovation driven Biotechnology R & D enterprise, adhering to the corporate mission of "creating innovation for China and enabling scientific research". Committed to the production and research of scientific research grade reagent materials, including peptides, small molecular compounds, phospholipids, DSPE / dope, polymers, cell experiments, molecular biology experiments, tissue sections, etc. At the beginning of its establishment, Guangzhou Weihua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. established a research and development team with strong professional skills, passion and vitality, conducted in-depth cooperation with doctors and professors from many universities, and was equipped with first-class precision instruments for peptide synthesis, purification, freeze-drying, quality inspection and analysis. Weihua biology will plan to build more than 3600 square meters of office space and 2500 square meters of standardized laboratory. The company has the conditions to use a series of professional instruments and equipment imported from abroad, such as CS bio cs336x polypeptide synthesis instrument (CS bio), Agilent LC-MS liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, GC-MS gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, nano Fourier infrared spectrometer nano FTIR, Brooke 600MHz nuclear magnetic resonance NMR spectrometer, freeze dryer, UV spectrophotometer, transmission electron microscope (TEM), Krios g3i frozen TEM, etc. With complete production, R & D and testing capacity of the whole production line. We carefully specialize in production technology and continuously improve the level of R & D. at the same time, we also select global high-quality reagent and raw material customization manufacturers, constantly explore cost-effective raw material production lines, and formulate advanced management systems and scientific production process standards. We focus on strengthening staff skill training and internal quality audit in strict accordance with relevant management requirements to ensure product quality. We always take the real needs of customers as the starting point and sincere and complete customer service as the guidance, and strive to build the company into a trusted Biotechnology R & D enterprise. Our pharmaceutical research institutions and biomedical research institutions in various countries and regions also have a number of customers in the system. Create high-quality raw material conditions and convenient R & D environment for Chinese scientific research, become an influential and innovative scientific research reagent supplier at home and abroad, and become a first-class modern service-oriented enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. In the future, adhering to the corporate mission of "creating innovation for China and empowering scientific research", Weihua biology will continue to make efforts to explore, accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation, continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the scientific research industry and launch more innovative reagent materials.

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